Hi! Welcome to my portable home.

My name is Véronique Sprenger and I am from the Netherlands. In my life there have been two things that define me drastically. Firstly, I grew up training gymnastics at a high level, I have trained up to 24 hours per week. Secondly, when I was 15 years old I moved to Stockholm, Sweden with my parents (leaving my three older siblings behind in the Netherlands). Nowadays, I like to combine these two things, which results in unusual activities. I have a small obsession for Nairobi, Kenya where I have worked a significant amount of time as an acrobat in informal settlements. My family has expanded to include the Kenyan acrobats who welcomed me in their team as if I was one of them. Having studied International Development, I like to advocate for the usefulness of performing arts to break the cycle of poverty and to allow people to express themselves.

I will be using this space to share my thoughts regarding performing arts, acrobatics, informal settlements, climate change and a variety of miscellaneous topics.

With acrobats Bruce and Ali in Nairobi, Kenya (March 29, 2018)