Hi! Welcome to my portable home.

My name is Véronique Sprenger and I am from the Netherlands. In my life there have been two things that define me drastically. First, I grew up training and competing in gymnastics at a high level, I have trained up to 24 hours per week. Second, when I was 15 years old I moved to Stockholm, Sweden with my parents (leaving my three older siblings behind in the Netherlands) exposing me to international opportunities. Nowadays, I like to combine these two things, which results in unusual activities. I have worked a significant amount of time in Nairobi, Kenya as an acrobat in informal settlements. I consider the acrobats I met there as part of my family, they welcomed me in their team as if I was one of them.

Having studied International Law, International Relations and International Development, I continued working in this field, currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I work in Sport for Development and in my free time, try to advocate for the usefulness of performing arts to break the cycle of poverty and to allow people to express themselves.

I use this space to share my thoughts regarding performing arts, acrobatics, informal settlements and women empowerment.

With acrobats Bruce and Ali in Nairobi, Kenya (March 29, 2018)