These are the incredibly talented Kenyan acrobats who train in an informal settlement called Kangemi in Nairobi. After getting to know them, I decided to write my masters (International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam) research thesis about these acrobats. I trained with them for 10 weeks and did in-depth interviews with them. The acrobats show that investments in talent development could offer youth a brighter future. Performing arts is only one small element of a big pyramid, but the opportunities it offers should not be underestimated. Despite growing up in extremely difficult circumstances and often having a lack of proper education, these acrobats have found a great way to be self-sustaining and are currently performing all over the world.
To all the amazing acrobats in this video who welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to train with them and shared their life stories with me: Asante Sana, you are all my role models!
Compilation of some of the gymnastics skills I have practiced and competed over the years.
Sometimes you fall and I used to fall a lot. The key is to get back up and try again. Never give up!
Credits for this video go to my sister: Michele Sprenger

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